4 Home Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Ranger Homes Inc. Has Been Tailoring Unique Design and Construction to Match Clients Needs and Specific Tastes for the Past Decade.

When it comes to designing a custom home, there is no one-size-fits-all option. For this reason, it is important to work with your contractor on defining and describing your design preferences, and tailoring your home’s layout to fit your lifestyle. Here are some of the top trends we’ve seen this year in home design.


Stairways no longer exist for strictly function, but are now a focal point in the home. Materials such as glass panels and wrought iron have a stronger presence in the design process.


Highly saturated tones in the kitchen are a thing of the past. The trend has shifted towards soft muted colours like whites and greys. Natural elements like Carrera marble, soapstone and butcher block are being incorporated into the mix.

Open Spaces

Gone are the days when kitchens were disconnected from a home’s primary living space. Merging the kitchen with the living room provides for greater flow and a sense of commonality.

Smart Homes

Relying heavily on convenience and maximum efficiency, today’s buyer expects state of the art technology. Smart homes that boast purposeful and advanced appliances and gadgets are here to stay. 

“Visualize how your family will fit into your custom home and how your preferences will enhance your home’s functionality. Keep in mind what will be most comfortable for you and your unique lifestyle on a day-to-day basis,” advises Ranger Homes.

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