4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Calgary, Alberta

Andy and Emily Kolaczek, Founders of Ranger Homes Inc., have been working with Calgary homeowners for over ten years. Over the past decade, they have completed dozens of projects in Calgary, ranging from whole-house renovations and large-scale additions, to backyard suites, new custom infills, and estate homes.

At Ranger Homes, we love living, working and playing in our city. If you are considering moving to Calgary, here are just a few reasons we encourage you to make the move.

Quality Of Life

If you’re looking for a city that has it all, Calgary is the place for you. There is no shortage of things of to do, from outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains to sporting events, world-class restaurants and art shows, Calgary is full of opportunities that will enhance your quality of life.


Did you know that Calgary made Canadian Family’s Top 10 Family-Friendly Canadian Cities list? To come up with the most family-friendly cities in Canada, Canadian Family crunched some serious statistics and talked with some of the most reputable sources around. 


Calgary is currently the fourth largest city in Canada with the highest immigrant population, next to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. A number of diverse cultures call Calgary home, which brings a range of unique experiences, perspectives and vibrancy to our city.

Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth

To date, the Calgary Stampede has become one of the most unique rodeos in the world, seeing over 1 million visitors each year. Calgarians get to enjoy its fun and festivities every year, just minutes from home.

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